colorlab 2021 Aug

Congrats! Qinyue and Aigerim are Masters of Science!

Qinyue and Aigerim received their Master’s degrees after two years of hard-working. Their theses are entitled, “Bubble Coloring to Visualize Speech Emotion in Voice Messaging [음성 메시지의 감성 시각화를 위한 말풍선 색채 적용]” and “Product style assessment in various interiors using Virtual Reality”. In Qinyue’s thesis, she proposed the concept of visualizing the emotion in voice messages by altering the chat bubble colors and investigated how users respond to color-based speech emotion visualization in voice messaging.  Based on the findings, several design considerations for integrating color-based speech emotion visualization into voice messages were presented. Aigerim explored the potential of VR for product style assessment from designers perspective by placing air purifier into various interiors and lighting conditions. As of September 2021, both are back in their home countries, China and Kazahstan, and start their professional careers. Qinyue joins ByteDance, well-known for the “TikTok” service as a UX designer. In the case of Aigerim, she returned to her formal workplace but as a design teacher holding a Master’s degree from ID KAIST.