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Digital literacy for CMF designers

Invited by LX Hausys, Prof. Suk delivered a seminar talk titled ‘CMF Designer를 위한 애정연구 [Design Methods and Case Studies of Quantitative Approaches in CMF Design].’ Often, CMF is considered as the final phase, primarily for enhancing the design, leading to intuitive decision-making as a natural process. This has resulted in a lack of scientific…

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Congrats to Dr. Taesu Kim!

In 2023, Taesu Kim earned his Ph.D. His dissertation, “Methods and Practices of Affective Ambient Light Design in Cars,” introduced innovative approaches for integrating emotionally impactful ambient lighting in vehicle interiors. His work, rooted in user-centered design, offered practical guidance for designers. During his Ph.D., he collaborated with major automotive light companies like Hyundai, SL,…

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