August 30, 2021

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Dr.Yan, the first international Ph.D. from Color Lab

Yuchun Yan completed her Ph.D. in Industrial Design with the dissertation entitled as “Digital Transformation for Color Cosmetics: from Products to Services” [색조화장품의 디지털 전환: 제품부터 서비스까지], which emphasized the role of design research in satisfying the needs of digital transformation concerning color cosmetics as a specific example. The dissertation includes not only scientific research…

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colorlab 2021 Aug

Qinyue and Aigerim received their Master’s degrees after two years of hard-working. Their theses are entitled, “Bubble Coloring to Visualize Speech Emotion in Voice Messaging [음성 메시지의 감성 시각화를 위한 말풍선 색채 적용]” and “Product style assessment in various interiors using Virtual Reality”. In Qinyue’s thesis, she proposed the concept of visualizing the emotion in…

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