Taesu's investigation about drivers' emotional responses to in-car light

Taesu’s investigation about drivers’ emotional responses to in-car light

Taesu KIM, a Ph.D. candidate of Color Lab has published an article entitled, “EMOTIONAL RESPONSE TO IN-CAR DYNAMIC LIGHTING” in volume 22, the 4th issue of International Journal of Automotive Technology. In the study, cluster lightings were designed by combining five colors and five dynamic patterns, and the emotional responses were assessed. The empirical evidence should support car designers to create emotionally enhanced interior lighting.


As an emotion elicitor and mood generator, light receives considerable attention. In this study, we investigated the effects of cluster lighting on a driver’s emotional response, when the lighting varied in color and dynamic patterns. A total of 29 college students visually experienced 25 different kinds of lighting and made subjective assessments concerning satisfaction, tension, and uniqueness. As a result, we observed that tension responses were significantly influenced by both light color and light patterns. In terms of dynamic patterns, sudden high-frequency light produced the greatest tension. Based on these empirical results, this study suggests that lighting can support an emotionally satisfactory and comfortable in-car design.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/s12239-021-0093-4