Lighting design workshop at IASDR2019

Color lab organized the workshop entitled, “Human-Centric Lighting Design for Vehicles” at the International Association of Societies of Design Research Conference (IASDR 2019), on September 4, 2019. Led by Kyeong Ah Jeong and Dr. Kyungah Choi, the workshop invited international participants. In the workshop, participants acquired essential knowledge on lighting design considerations and experienced the process of creating lighting contents.


In this workshop, the participants will work on designing human-centric lighting solutions for vehicles. In particular, the workshop aims to explore two kinds of light design tools, namely LightUp Cards and c.light. The workshop is comprised of four sessions: In the beginning, participants will be given basic knowledge about light properties and light design considerations. Next, they will work in groups to explore vehicle lighting ideas using the LightUp Cards. Then, the abstract ideas will be built into a concrete physical form using the c.light. Lastly, participants will have time to share their design outcomes and opinions. The workshop is open to audiences interested in implementing light into their design project. Through participation, the attendees will acquire basic knowledge on lighting design considerations and experience light design process. Moreover, the workshop will develop a shared understanding on the needs of supportive light design tools and thereby contribute to the development of future light design tools.