Jockey Time, an onlline video editing service by Kyeong Ah

Kyeong Ah Jeong, a Ph.D. candidate of Color Lab presented a poster about her master study entitled, “Jockey Time: Making Video Playback to Enhance Emotional Effect” at the ACM Multimedia Conference for 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This study devised a web-based online video playback editing service that enhancing the emotional effect of one’s video. Called as Jockey Time Beta, the service suggests appropriate playback design alternatives for each emotion categories, based on the empirical study of the elicited emotional responses when a video playback was articulated in different ways. The service is available to use at and we recommend using google chrome to access.


In order to effectively and easily deliver the affective quality of a video, this study investigated the emotional manifests induced by the playback design of the video. In designing the playback, we articulated speed, direction, and continuity of the video and surveyed observers’ responses. Based on the results, we propose seven categories of playback design, and each appeals cheerful, happy, relaxed, funny, urgent, angry, and sad emotion. For an easy use, we offer an online video editing service, “Jockey Time.” A beta version was operated for a month for monitoring purpose, and finally, Jockey Time v.1.0 is now launched for anybody to easily enhance the emotional effect of one’s video. 

Full text in Proc. of ACM Multimedia 2016