October 2016

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A public talk about color of Prof.Suk is published in a book chapter edited by the KAOS Foundation [카오스재단]. The book entitled, “Lecture Science KAOS 03 Light [렉처 사이언스 KAOS 03 빛]” is a collection of 10 talks broadcasted through the YTN Science in 2015. The 10 chapters cover theories and issues related to light, and the…

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Hyunjoo Bae, a master candidate of Color lab, presented her recent work entitled, “The value and application of material reconfiguration of product design.” at KSDS (Korea Society of Design Science) 2016 international conference in Busan, Korea. The study provides evidence that material reconfiguration has a sufficiently impactful influence on on novelty, aesthetic preference, and overall preference…

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EunJin Kim, a Ph.D. candidate of Color lab, has presented her recent work entitled, “Key Color Generation for Affective Multimedia Production: An Initial Method and Its Application” at 2016 ACM Multimedia Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the paper, the insights from designers’ color selection process were discussed and utilized to develop a key color generation…

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Kyeong Ah Jeong, a Ph.D. candidate of Color Lab presented a poster about her master study entitled, “Jockey Time: Making Video Playback to Enhance Emotional Effect” at the ACM Multimedia Conference for 2016 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This study devised a web-based online video playback editing service that enhancing the emotional effect of one’s video….

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