The affective effect of nuanced white lighting on fabric types by Juhee

During the IASDR2019 living session, Juhee Kim, a master student of Color lab presented her recent study on the effect of nuanced white lighting on the affective judgment of fabric styles. In her study, six types of fabric were observed under eight types of nuanced white lighting. After her succinct presentation, valuable comments were given by the audience including a proposal for the interior lighting deliberately tuned to type of clothes.


Preference for Fabric Types Under Various Lighting Colours


This study is an investigation of the impact of lighting colours on the subjective judgments of fabric and, in particular, whether the influence of lighting would vary depending on the type of fabric. We conducted visual assessments for eight kinds of illuminants and six types of fabric presented as cloth stimuli (N = 44). Derived from the literature review, four sets of adjectives were used as metrics: humble/luxurious, cool/warm, old/new, and preference in general. The results showed that colours of lighting and cloth types influenced the participants’ perceptions about the fabric. Overall, White4K(4000K) were the most preferred across various types of clothes, followed by Bluish-purple white and the White6K(6000K). Also, there were interaction effects between colours of lighting and types of clothes with regard to each of the perceptual qualities. For instance, when shirts were displayed under Bluish-purple white, participants evaluated them as luxurious and new, thereby reporting quite high levels of preference. This study provides empirical evidence to optimally match lighting colours with types of fabric in the presentation of textile goods.