MOUZIP® designed by CED Lab.

Mouzip® is now launched! Mouzip is a new way of disposing dead bodies of animals after experiments. This device consists of a package made of foldable and stiff material and a fold-out drape, which is fastened to the package. By using Mouzip, it is possible to conduct an experiment hygienically and professionally. Mouzip is a registered trademark by Jaemyung Lee, since the Mouzip is originated from Jaemyung’s graduation thesis project supervised by Prof.Suk and Prof.Gou Young Koh. Based on his initial design project, Kyeong Ah Jeong and Hyunjoo Bae, two Master candidates of CED Lab. have made a significant contribution to the design development of the product. Finally, the company, SPL Lifes Sciences Co., Ltd. has produced and launched the product. Currently the patents are applied worldwide including USA and South Korea.