March 2015

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Mouzip® is now launched! Mouzip is a new way of disposing dead bodies of animals after experiments. This device consists of a package made of foldable and stiff material and a fold-out drape, which is fastened to the package. By using Mouzip, it is possible to conduct an experiment hygienically and professionally. Mouzip is a…

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Recent lighting studies by CED Lab. are introduced in the special section about color of a monthly magazine, “Dong-A Science[과학동아]”. Among the works, the research topics such as the school lighting, food color, emotional chromatic lighting, and paradoxical use of color are included. Since the magazine targets teenagers interested in science, CED expects to have opportunities…

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In Spring semester 2015, Professor Suk reshaped the ID211 Two-Dimensional Design in the format of the Education 3.0, in that lectures are delivered through VODs. After having expreinced in her other classes, she is convinced that a tutorial based studio course will also get benefits from the video lecture. In video lecture, the project brief is…

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