Updated Education 3.0 for ID502

Since last year ID502 has adopted the Education 3.0, but in this semester, the video lectures are fundamentally updated. They include not only lecture contents but also the demonstrations in related softwares, such as Excel, SPSS, MatLab, or Gephi. It is expected that students first learn the concept and then easily practice the software just by watching a single video, which was recorded and edited by the lecturer. In addition, two sets of quiz are presented, namely, “quizzes before class” and “quizzes in class”. Students are supposed to prepare the answers of the first set by themselves just right after having watched the video lectures. The in-class-quiz set is also available in the lecture note, however it is mainly facilitated “during” the offline class. A highly interactive discussion between lectuer, TAs, or students are expected, and this new course format may boost up the in-class activities.

Access to some samples of online video lectures