September 2014

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Since last year ID502 has adopted the Education 3.0, but in this semester, the video lectures are fundamentally updated. They include not only lecture contents but also the demonstrations in related softwares, such as Excel, SPSS, MatLab, or Gephi. It is expected that students first learn the concept and then easily practice the software just by watching a single video,…

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CED lab has welcomed three new members, Kyungah Choi and Eunjin Kim for Ph.D. program and Hyunjoo Bae for Master program, to its group of bright and young students. All have bachelors in Industrial Design from KAIST, and Kyungah and Eunjin successfully finished their Masters. Their contributions will be deeply appreciated in the days to come.  


An original article entitled, “The Emotional Characteristics of White for Applications of Product Color Design” from Nooree Na and Prof.Suk is published in the International Journal of Design. This study aims to investigate the emotional characteristics of various shades of white, and several experiments have been conducted with color patches as well as 1:1 scale…

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