August 2020

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Welcome to Color lab!

Boram joined the Color lab in Fall 2020. She is a chemical engineer with professional experience at Samsung Electro-Mechanics for three years. During her undergraduate education at KAIST, she attended the essential design courses from ID to major it as her minor. She is highly motivated to learn and practice color research activities, which color…

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Juhee became a Master of Science. Congrats!

Juhee Kim received her Master degree from KAIST, and the thesis is entitled, ” Prediction of the Emotions and Preference for Movie Poster Designs based on Graphical Features: A Machine Learning-driven Approach [영화 포스터 디자인에 대한 감정 및 선호도 예측: 그래픽 요소 기반 머신러닝 활용을 중심으로]”, the part of that was published in the Archives…

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