November 2018

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Jinyoung and Taesu received an best paper award in the Annual Conference of the Ergonomics Society of Korea held in Gyeongju, Korea. Jinyoung is an undergraduate intern of Color Lab and presented about her undergraduate research program(URP) entitled, “Passengers’ Activity Patterns and the Sitting Postures in Express Bus [고속 버스 탑승객의 행동 유형과 착석 자세…

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Yuchun and Juhyun Lee(COSMAX BTI Researcher) made an oral presentation about “skin color” at 2018 Fall Conference of Korean Society of Color Studies in KAIST. Yuchun presented an article entitled as “Affective Effect of Target Skin Color,” the part of her master thesis. In this research, how people perceive the same portraits concerning different target…

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한국색채학회 2018 추계 학술대회

Prof. Suk and Prof. Kwak (UNIST) co-organised a Fall Conference of the Korean Society for Color Studies at KI Building on KAIST Campus. All members of color lab volunteered for paper presentations, staff services or both. In particular Juhee contributed to the visual communication including posters, banners, and booklets. Thanks all for your hard work!