How to adjust an image to achieve harmony with a color, investigated by EunJin

EunJin Kim, the Ph.D. candidate of Color lab. published an article entitled “Image color adjustment for harmony with a target color” in Color Research & Application. Based on the insights from designers, the study developed an image color adjustment algorithm to achieve harmony between an image and a target color. The algorithm adjusts hue of image colors aiming at increased color similarity with a target color. A user test was carried out in order to verify the developed algorithm, and the results suggested that the algorithm is particularly useful for images with nonliving objects.


Although a number of methods have been developed for image adjustment in various applications, very little work has been done in the context of visual design. In this regard, this article introduces a novel and practical context of image color adjustment and develops a method to adjust an image for harmony with a target color. The experiment with designers revealed that designers made significant changes in hue dimension, and preferred to promote color similarity between the image and the target color. Based on insights from designers, we proposed a method to achieve a harmonious combination of an image and a color element by increasing the hue similarity between them. The result of a user test revealed that our method is particularly useful for images with nonliving objects but less effective for images involving human skin, foods, and so on. It is expected that the practical context investigated in this study can promote a variety of related studies that satisfy the tangible needs of industries and academia.

Early View of the Full Text in Color Research & Application