Color quantization technique to visualize perceptually dominant colors studied by Eunjin

Eunjin Kim co-authored a paper entitled as “Colro Quantization to Visualize Perceptually Dominant Color of an Image” published in the Journal of Korea Society of Color Studies. The study is originally from the term project of JiYeong Seok and SaeYoung Rho during the ID502 Research Methodology class taught by Prof.Suk. Dr.ByungSeok Min from the DMC R&D Center of Samsung Electronics was also involved to help us out to adopt the computational method. The study proposes an optimal number of color set that sufficiently transfer the affective quality of an original picture even after the colors of the picture are quantified.


As an alternative technique to the conventional color swatch, we adopted color quantization to present perceptually dominant colors of an image. We facilitated five digitalized paintings and extracted the color scheme of each based on their RGB values. We adopted K-means clustering analysis and created clusters with 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 colors. The extracted colors were presented in a color swatch format as well as color quantization. Thirty design majoring students assessed each format with regard to how properly the color set represents the original image. The results showed that the judgments varied more largely when the colors were presented as color quantization than as a color swatch. In particular, an intersection point always existed, implying that a color swatch without any semantic hints is more meaningful when a color palette contains a small number.

Full text in the Journal of Korea Society of Color Studies