A book chapter by N.Na

Nooree Na, a Ph.D. candidate of CED Lab published a book chapter entitled, “The Emotional Characteristics of White for Applications of Product Color Design” in an edited book named “Industrial Applications of Affective Engineering” from the publisher, Springer. In the chapter, Nooree explains the emotional characteristics of various shades of white, as well as it provides a design guideline for selecting appropriate colors for designing white-based products. Professor Suk is the second author.The chapters mainly consist of the selected articles presented on the 1st International Symposium on Affective Engineering (ISAE2013) held at Kitakyushu, Japan, from 6 to 8 March, 2013. It contains information related to the broad aspects of methodologies and applications of affective engineering. The editors are Junzo Watada, Hisao Shiizuka, Kun-Pyo Lee, Tsuyoshi Otani and Chee-Peng Lee.