An eco & healthy driving with a colorful display proposed by Prof.Suk

On behalf of Prof.Suk, Jeongmin Lee and Nooree Na attended the IEEE International Conference on Consumer Electronics(IEEE-ICCE) 2013 to make an oral presentation entitled as “A color scenario of Eco & Healthy Driving for the interface display of climate control device using RGB LED”. She proposes an “Eco & healthy driving” through color information displayed in the background of a climate control device.

The study demonstrates a process of synergizing both exploratory and confirmatory research approaches to design the color for a luminescent surface facilitated by RGB LEDs. Focusing on the relationship between color and in-door climate of automobiles, the study consists of three parts: In Part I, a workshop of ten designers was executed in which ideas were exploited to find in-car scenarios. The scenarios were evaluated based on the criteria of interesting, informative, and inspiring aspects to conclusively derive the scenario labeled “Eco & Healthy Driving”; In Part II, a user test was carried out to investigate the relationship between the attributes of luminescent color—hue, brightness, and purity- and an indoor climate condition. In the user test (n= 36), subjects were instructed to match a luminescent color to a given in-car climate condition. The user test results revealed that hue category of luminescent surface is related to temperature while brightness of luminescent color is correlated with blow level; Lastly, in Part III, by employing the results of user test, a guideline for implementing the new design scenario, “Eco & Healthy Driving” was projected for further development and application.

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