Context information expressed with light, investigated by B.Baek

Professor Suk authored an article entitled, “Context Information Representation Applying Light Attributes -Representation of Abstracted Context Information Using LED [빛의 표현 요소를 활용한 정보 표현에 관한 연구- LED를 이용한 추상적 상황 정보 표현] in Design Archive(previously the Korean Journal of Design Studies). The article is mainly based on the master thesis of Bitna Baek, the first author of the paper. Professor supervised her master thesis as the second advisor.


Several ways of representing information through abstractive application have been tried to feel less overloaded by ubiquitous information. Light using LED, especially, has been used in the user interface and ambient media area because of its sophisticated expressiveness and rapid responsiveness. However, there have not been many studies about the meaning of the light representing since studies about light have been only focused on the emotional effects of lighting. Therefore, we explored the realm of information where light can represent efficiently and investigated the attributes of light expression. We also conducted three kinds of experiments in order to figure out the tendency of interpretation according to the attributes of light expression. From the analysis, we found out that the wavelength is the most critical factor of the colorful light expression and tempo is the most important attribute of the dynamic light expression. Furthermore, we suggested practically useful insights which designers might consider when designing light expression. With the results, we want to shed new light on the potential of light as a means of application of information representation and build a foundation of the study about the light and information.

Full text in Design Archive(Korean Journal of Design Studies)