Color lab has been actively collaborating with industries to contribute the academic knowledge to the developments in design and engineering practice.  

LG Electronics

  • Lighting Design Index for Oven and Microwaves (2018: 10 months)
  • Lighting Room (2017: 2 months)
  • Development of Light Design Index for Home Appliances (2017: 9 months)
  • The Beauty of WHITEs (2011: 6 months)
  • Timeless Top Class UX- Color Strategy (2010: 6 months)

Samsung Electronics

  • Strategy of Color reproduction for TV display Customized for Illuminant and Genre (2017: 5 months)
  • Novel calibration targets (2016: 6 months)
  • Color Design Guidelines (2016: 4 months)
  • Designing the AD contents for digital signage displays. (2014: 6 months)
  • Strategical development in the presentation of display color and illuminance for improving readability of smartphone contents and stimulating effects of color therapy (2013: 10 months)
  • Scenario Development for Smartphone Color Displays Based on Users’ Context (2012: 3 months)


Samsung Display

  • AMOLED, the best display for HMD: validation and strategic approaches (2016: 8 months)
  • Design human factors of curved displays (2014: 8 months)

Hyundai Motors

  • Development and practice of the Live Lighting Prototyping (2016: 7 months)

KAIST Institute

  • Carcass Disposal System for Animal Experiments (2016: 9 months)

Estee Lauder, USA

  • Capturing Skin Color through Illuminant Estimation in Images that Contain Faces (2016: 5 months)

National Research Foundation of Korea

  • A visual environment system for Smart Classroom through the optimal scenarios among lighting, VDTs, and learning styles (2015: 36 months)
  • DB development of affective reactions to LEDs and applications for future products (2010: 24 months)
  • Consumers’ color psychology of recycled material and its application for color design of environmentally sustainable products (2009: 12 months)
  • A Research proposal for the development of programs and strategies for the education and promotion of women in science and engineering in the Daejeon area (2008: 6 months)


  • Research Grant for the Book Publication of Koreans’ Colors, Tastes, and Styles (2013: 12 months)

Korea Photonics Technology Institute

  • User-Centered LED Lighting System Development Enabling Daylight Spectrum for Educational/Residential Facilities (2011: 34 months)

Korea Food Research Institute

  • A proposal of creative food color based on the affective effect (2011: 24 months)

Halla Climate Control

  • Designing an affective LED interface of climate control system for the passenger car (2010: 6 months)

LG Healthcare and Life Science

  • The affective effect of the LED odor products (2010: 6 months)
  • Color measurement of the LED tooth-lightening product (2010: 3 months)
  • User test about the LED skin care product (2010: 3 months)

Nokia, Finland

  • Korea Trend Research (2010: 6 months)
  • Only Planet- South Korea (2009: 12 months)

Korea Railroad Research Institute

  • Identity design for a railroad consortium (2009: 3 months)
  • Color study for localization of TAV train in Brazil (2007: 6 months)