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Here we share our recent news.

An IASDR, the largest biannual international conference of design was hosted by Manchester University of Arts this year. Color lab presented three original research articles, organized a design workshop, and chaired one session.

Welcome to Color lab! Aigerim from Kazakhstan majored in computer science and Qinyue from China majored in electrical engineering. They both have been looking for an outstanding design program to realize an interdisciplinary research synergy, and they found ID KAIST as the right place. Color lab welcomes new members and is truly globalized now!

The recent research in Color Lab was reported in the press. The study entitled “Awakening effects of blue-enriched morning light exposure on university students’ physiological and subjective responses” published in the journal Scientific Reports, was introduced with the interviews with Prof. Hyeon-Jeong Suk and Dr. Kyungah Choi. In the study, we found that a blue-enriched…

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Jinyoung and Taesu received an best paper award in the Annual Conference of the Ergonomics Society of Korea held in Gyeongju, Korea. Jinyoung is an undergraduate intern of Color Lab and presented about her undergraduate research program(URP) entitled, “Passengers’ Activity Patterns and the Sitting Postures in Express Bus [고속 버스 탑승객의 행동 유형과 착석 자세…

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한국색채학회 2018 추계 학술대회

Prof. Suk and Prof. Kwak (UNIST) co-organised a Fall Conference of the Korean Society for Color Studies at KI Building on KAIST Campus. All members of color lab volunteered for paper presentations, staff services or both. In particular Juhee contributed to the visual communication including posters, banners, and booklets. Thanks all for your hard work!

Minsun Hong received a master of science with a thesis entitled, “Affective Image Quality for Sports Content”. Some practical insights regarding image quality on displays have led to this academic research begun. First, sports content is on live-broadcasting and there is a tendency to skip a detailed color correction process, even though the shooting is…

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Yuchun Yan is now a master of science! She submitted the thesis, entitled “Skin Balancing: Chromatic Adjustment of Multi-illuminant Portraits on One Scene using Facial Color to Reproduce Standard Image Quality”. She investigated the special situation when multiple portraits undue different scene illuminants gathered together and how people perceive the color difference in terms of…

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Cosmax China has invited Professor Suk for a seminar talk about “light, color, and beauty” in Shanghai, China. The biggest and best ODM based cosmetic product manufacturer, the Cosmax has a headquarter in South Korea and has expanded its business through the Cosmax China. The Cosmax China has held an international technical seminar twice a year, and…

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Invited by the Department of Electrical Engineering(EE), KAIST, Kyeong Ah Jeong delivered a special lecture about ‘how to make a persuasive presentation (설득력 있는 프리젠테이션 만들기)’ for the  EE undergraduate students. During the lecture, she shared graphical tips to make an eye-catching presentation and some checklists for successful presentation preparation.

Yuchun Yan, a master student of Color lab won the best presentation award with an article entitled as “Color Mosaic: color sampling with automatic pixelation versus subjective selection.” Congratulations!