CED theses

Kyeong Ah Jeong is now a master of science! She submitted the thesis, entitled “Making Video Playback and its Emotional Effect”, and an online-based service tool, “JockeyTime” is now launched at jockeytime.kaist.ac.kr. As of March 2016, she continues her research on the affective effect of playback design of moving images as a Ph.D. candidate. Master thesis…

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Kyungah Choi Ph.D. candidate

Kyungah Choi is now a master of science. Her thesis is entitled “User Preferred White Point Adjustment for Displays under Varying Illumination Chromaticities”. A part of her thesis has already been accepted for a publication on an SCI journal, Optical Engineering. It is an impressive achievement during the short period of master program. Congratulations!

Nooree Na received her Master of Science with a thesis entitled, “Invetigation of the Emotional Characteristics of White for Product Color Design Application”. Also her thesis was awarded with the Best Thesis Award. Congratulations on your all achievements! Nooree’s Master Thesis

Eunsol Lee is now a master of science with a thesis entitled “The Effect of Hue of Lighting on Affective and Cognitive Response Focused on Relaxation and Attention”. Her thesis was nominated as one of the Best Theses this year. Congratulations!