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The KBS Science Cafe[과학카페] team visited CED Lab to consult our expertise on colour and food study. CED Lab carried out a survey to present the taste association from viewing a colour is highly culture dependent. Five cultural groups demonstrated and each explains what were the key references. Professor Suk commented that there is a certain…

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Eunsol Lee is now a master of science with a thesis entitled “The Effect of Hue of Lighting on Affective and Cognitive Response Focused on Relaxation and Attention”. Her thesis was nominated as one of the Best Theses this year. Congratulations!


Professor Suk received the “Best Thesis Award 2009” from the Japanese Society of Kansei Engineering. The award winning paper is her article entitled as “Emotional response to simple color stimuli” published in the International Journal of Affective Engineering(formerly, International Journal of Kansei Engineering) and the study was done with her doctoral supervisor, the late Prof.Dr.Hans…

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KAIST Color Lab explores the value of light and color human experiences. Color psychology and keen sense about emotional design are the fundamental roots of its study, and further aim to form a greater convergence with diverse fields. Both quantitative and qualitative measurements allow scientific investigation of human minds as they are exploring light and color….

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Dr.Suk was awarded with the Best Paper Presentation entitled “The Influence of Ring-Back-Tone (RBT) Music on Evaluation of the Phone-call Receiver’s Personality” presented on the KEER 2007 conference in Tokyo, Japan. Congratulations! [In the photo: from left- Moon-Young Kwon, Hyeon-Jeong Suk, and Bomin Kim]


She passed the final examination and obtained a doctoral degree of social science from the Department of Psychology of University of Mannheim in Germany. Her doctoral dissertation is entitled, “Color and Emotion: The Affective Judgment of Color Across Media and in Relation to Visual Stimuli”, and the entire work had been throuroughly supervised by the late Professor…

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Dr.Suk returned to the Department of Industrial Design of KAIST after 7 years as she finished her master thesis. In the meantime, she is an experienced designer and will soon make a final examination for her doctoral degree.  She is back as a non-tenure track assistant professor, and supports the the BK21 Research Unit of the department. Apart from the…

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