May 2019

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Yuchun and Prof. Suk published an article entitled as “Design Attributes for a More Eco-friendly Takeout Cup Using Conjoint Analysis” published in Archvies of Design Research 32(2). The study empirically examined the impact of eco-friendly impression while altering the combinations of design attributes of take-out coffee cups. The result shows that the lid is essential especially…

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Dr. Jungmin Han published an article entitled “Exploring User’s Preference on the Color of Cavity and Lighting of an Oven Product” in Archives of Design Research(AoDR), and also took part in the AoDR’s 130th journal cover design. The study investigated user’s preference on the interplay of lighting and oven interior color. Through a series of…

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Dr. Kyungah Choi presented a work entitled, “A Design Toolkit for Human-Centric Smart Lightings [인간 중심의 스마트조명 디자인 툴킷 개발]” at the 2019 KSCS Spring Conference. This study proposed a card-based design tool, which aims to support smart lighting idea generation by making the growing knowledge on how lighting affects users readily accessible to designers….

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