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Color lab will carry out a research project entitled “A visual environment system for Smart Classroom through the optimal scenarios among lighting, VDTs, and learning styles [스마트 교실을 위한 시각 환경 시스템: 조명-디스플레이-학습유형의 최적화 시나리오 개발 및 검증]” in the framework of the Female Scientist Researcher Program funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)….

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Mouzip® was selected as one of the “Good Design 2015 [2015 우수 디자인]” Selection given from the Korea Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP). Since 1985, GD (Good Design) Selection has acknowledged the excellence of design of commercialized industrial products. This year, under the category of the Industrial Packaging, Mouzip® is one of the two winners.


As the “Year of Light”, the KAOS Science Consert has offered a series of talks about the light since September 2015. As the 10th speaker, Professor Suk was invited to introduce the color related issues. Her talk was entitled as “빛, 색을 밝히다”, which can imply different explanations, just like the nature of color. This talk…

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Nooree Na, a Ph.D. student of Color lab presented a poster about her recent study entitled, “Optimal RGB ratio for Nighttime Smartphone Users” on International Conference on Emotion and Sensibility 2015 held in Jeju, Korea. This study suggests the optimal RGB ratios for a display toward a more comfortable use of smartphones particularly under low illuminance,…

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Kyeong Ah Jeong, a Master course student of Color lab participated in design exhibition as the designer of Mouzip®. The exhibition “Good Design Selection 2015” was held from November 11 to 15 at KINTEX in Ilsan city. About 1,300 products were submitted at the exhibition and among those, Mouzip belonged to the category of Industrial Packaging. Mouzip,…

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Professor Suk moderated a New Media session at the Samsung Digital Forum 2015 of Samsung Electronics. The other four panels were experts in smart technology related to autonomous driving, virtual reality, display, and merchandising. She integrated different types of technology into a one story using the film, “Kingsman” in a metaphorical way. The presentation described how the technical advancements could enrich our…

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Prof.Suk and Sung-Wook were invited for a seminar talk at Savina Museum. The seminar entitled “A color & emotion talk with KAIST Color Lab”. Professor’s talk started first followed by Sung-Wook’s presentation. Professor introduced the affective effect of color related to everyday things, while Sung-Wook mainly described his exhibition items, <Dinner table in the opposite colors> and…

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Hyunjoo Bae, a master candidate of Color Lab, showed her work at Dubai Design Week 2015. Collaborated with the other three team mates, she developed the “Memory Lamp”, a DIY lighting system designed to capture user’s memories. The “Memory Lamp” is Users can keep their memorial materials like photos, letters, or even flowers by putting them…

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Organized by KAOS Foundation, YTN Science broadcasts a series of special talks about light. A toal of 10 scholars are invited, and Professor Chulhee Choi delivered a talk about Perception of light [빛의 인식]. After his solo talk, a panel discussion was continued, and Professor Suk joined as one of the panelists. The panel discussion…

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