Dr. Suk published an article entitled as “Emotional Response to Simple Color Stimulus” in International Journal of Affective Engineering, previously called International Journal of Kansei Engineering. This study investigates the emotioanl response to color stimuli when color stimuli were presented as solid surface. Then the effect was compared when the colors were viewed in a sequence of…

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Dr.Suk was awarded with the Best Paper Presentation entitled “The Influence of Ring-Back-Tone (RBT) Music on Evaluation of the Phone-call Receiver’s Personality” presented on the KEER 2007 conference in Tokyo, Japan. Congratulations! [In the photo: from left- Moon-Young Kwon, Hyeon-Jeong Suk, and Bomin Kim]


Dr. Suk made a presentation at the KEER 2007 conference, International Conference of Kansei Engineering hosted by Japanese Society of Kansei Engineering in Tokyo, Japan. The study was about the effect of the Ring-Back-Tone(RBT) on caller’s judgment of receiver’s personality and it  revealed that caller’s can easily have a prejudice based on the quality of the RBT…

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Dr. Suk published an article, entitled “The Influence of Ring-Back-Tone (RBT) on Evaluation of the Phone-call Receiver’s Personality [통화 연결 음악이 통화 상대자의 개성 판단에 끼치는 영향]” in the Korean Journal of Science of Emotion and Sensibility. The study investigates the influence of Ring-Back-Tone (RBT) music on the evaluation of the phone-call receiver’s personality in dimensions…

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