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The Skintone Finder on YouTube

Amore Pacific launched the documentary video about the Skintone Finder, one of the outcomes from industry-academia collaboration with Color lab. The service consists of an apparatus that captures a target spot and an algorithm that analyzes the captured image to estimate the true color of the target spot. Colorlab owns the intellectual property registered in…

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Welcome to Color lab!

Boram joined the Color lab in Fall 2020. She is a chemical engineer with professional experience at Samsung Electro-Mechanics for three years. During her undergraduate education at KAIST, she attended the essential design courses from ID to major it as her minor. She is highly motivated to learn and practice color research activities, which color…

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Juhee became a Master of Science. Congrats!

Juhee Kim received her Master degree from KAIST, and the thesis is entitled, ” Prediction of the Emotions and Preference for Movie Poster Designs based on Graphical Features: A Machine Learning-driven Approach [영화 포스터 디자인에 대한 감정 및 선호도 예측: 그래픽 요소 기반 머신러닝 활용을 중심으로]”, the part of that was published in the Archives…

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2019 Best 10 Research of KAIST

The color lab’s research on the effect of blue-enriched awakening light in the morning was selected as one of the Best 10 Research Cases of KAIST in 2019. It has been almost 10 years since that color lab has investigated the effect of nuanced white lighting on the human’s physiological and psychological responses. Luckily enough,…

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Color lab in Scientific Reports Top 100 Collection

Our recent publication about awakening light in Scientific Reports is listed in the “Top 100 in Neuroscience” collection. This collection highlights the most downloaded neuroscience papers published in 2019. The article is entitled “Awakening effects of blue-enriched morning light exposure on university students’ physiological and subjective responses”, and Dr.Kyungah Choi is the first author. The…

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Hyeonju joined us

Color lab welcomes a new member, Hyeonju Park. Hyeonju received a Bachelor of Science from the industrial design of KAIST in 2020. During the undergraduate program, she experienced diverse areas of design practice. Besides, she has been actively participating in extra curriculum activities, such as IoT product design, fintech system design, conversational agent design and…

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Winter internship at Color lab

During the winter break, three undergraduate students joined the color lab as internship students. Each participated in different projects and research activities. Color lab appreciates their efforts and achievements, hoping to work together on the next opportunity. The individual interviews were made and summarized in the following: “I explored the emotional response to kinetic in-car…

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Int'l collaboration with Kyoto Insitute of Technology

Organized by Prof.Dr.Tetsuya Sato at Kyoto Institute of Technology, Prof.Suk has participated in a three-year international collaborative project, “Colour Cognition of Clothing Image on Online-Shop, and Tolerance of Colour Difference between The Image and Its Original Real Clothing” funded by the Japanese Society for Promotion of Science(JSPS) started in April 2019. Four countries including Japan,…

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For your brilliant life

Invited by the Korea Society of Light and Visual Environment, Prof. Suk delivered a seminar talk, entitled as “For your brilliant life (빛나는 생활을 위하여)” to the members of the society. During her talk, some recent lighting studies of Color lab were introduced to demonstrate how we can enhance the emotional quality of everyday life….

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